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Salvation in Budapest

From our Budapest branch, Ildiko Hajdu reports,

“Anniko* is an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor who was still working two mornings a week when we met to talk about Jesus. We’ve always had our visits at her workplace. Anniko was eager to read from the Bible, and paid close attention during our conversations. She often talked about her family and sometimes shared her experiences from World War Two.

“The workplace is not the best place to meet for Bible study, but Anniko didn’t want me to come to her home, where he husband is ill. She was not open to meeting anyplace else that I suggested. But as she planned to retire, I asked, ‘Anniko, where shall we meet once you finish working?’ She had no answer, but I prayed for the solution.

“Last month Anniko fell and broke her leg. I went to visit her after the surgery, but it was difficult to continue our conversation about Jesus, because there were always many people in the room. Soon she was taken to another hospital, and we were able to continue our conversation there. Anniko listened intently as I read from the Psalms. I explained that the peace described in the Scriptures is available through Jesus, and she was ready to invite Him into her heart.

“It so happened that another Holocaust survivor, Beata,* was sharing Anniko’s room. Noticing my Jews for Jesus T-shirt, she asked, ‘Are you Jewish?’ When I said ‘Yes, I am,’ she felt free to share her experiences from the Holocaust, and soon she was weeping. I went to her, gently stroked her arm, and prayed for her in Jesus’ name. After that she relaxed.

“I promised to return and visit them both the first week of January, and I hope you will pray for a good visit with both women. Anniko has been bed ridden since this surgery. I don’t know if she will recover from the fall. Certainly I wish that such a thing had not happened to her, yet God can use any bad circumstance for good. I am grateful that she has trusted Jesus and will be with Him forever. Please pray for her, and also for Beata, that God will also open her heart to understand the gospel, and receive Jesus.”

*not their real names

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