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Hello Israel

What’s new in Israel for 2016? The “Pro Netanya,” a surfing competition that will launch this year’s series of surfing events in Europe. Surfing has been a big deal in Israel since the 1970s, when an American introduced the sport. Israelis have been participating in the European competitions for some time, so it is exciting for them to be able to host this event in Netanya, (in the central region of Israel). If you plan to visit Israel between January 16-27, you might want to check out the beautiful white sand beach of Kontiki.

Meanwhile, don’t stop praying for Israel and our team there as they share the good news of Yeshua (Jesus). Events like this might seem to indicate a more positive European attitude toward Israel, but God alone can help this tiny country deal with the continual turmoil from within and without. More than anything, Jews and Arabs in Israel need to know Jesus to be at peace with God and one another.

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