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Projects and People

  1. Missionaries
  2. Literature
  3. Secular Media Outreach
  4. Louis and Claire Goldberg Memorial Fund for Messianic Studies

1. Missionaries

Our greatest resource in Jews for Jesus is our people.
Individual men and women who are:

  • Distributing gospel tracts out on the streets
  • Engaging with both seekers and skeptics
  • Conducting Bible studies in the homes of Jewish people
  • Praying with some to accept Y'shua (Jesus) as their Messiah.

These Jews for Jesus missionaries are located in eleven countries and twenty-two cities, and they need your prayers and support. Become part of their team by going to Donate Now.

You can "meet" our missionaries by clicking on any of the links below:

2. Literature

Since 1973 Jews for Jesus has been using literature. Broadsides are colorful, hand drawn pamphlets that use popular themes, humor and Scripture to make a point about Jesus. They catch the attention of their readers and often result in opportunities for conversations. Some have even prayed to receive Y'shua (Jesus) right on the street.

We hand out over five million such gospel broadsides a year. Each tract costs us 2¢ and a missionary can distribute 1,000 to 1,200 tracts in two hours in one our branch cities around the world. We also have a second line of literature, which includes our evangelistic bi-monthly publication ISSUES, mailed free to over 30,000 Jewish homes. It costs us $1.80 a year per subscription. You can support our literature ministry by going to Donate Now.

3. Secular Media Outreach

Jewish people are curious people. We are readers and listeners and viewers, so it is not surprising that Jews for Jesus have used the secular media to present the messiahship of Jesus since 1982. We have placed full- page ads in secular newspapers and magazines from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal that invite the reader to consider Jesus. We've also produced radio spots, and put up billboards and other public advertising with slogans like, "Be More Jewish, Believe in Jesus" or "The Only Hope For Peace Was Born in the Middle East".

If you're interested in seeing the good news of Jesus proclaimed in this way, we would like to tell you about our media campaigns. Help us get the gospel out through secular media advertising by going to Donate Now.

4. Louis and Claire Goldberg Memorial Fund for Messianic Studies

This special fund, named in honor of the late Dr. Louis Goldberg and his wife Claire, is intended to develop scholars who can speak authoritatively on Jewish teaching and Christianity. You can help by giving a memorial gift, which we will invest conservatively. We will use the earnings of the fund to finance worthy Jewish Christians who wish to study for ministry on a doctoral level. Depending on what is given for this memorial fund, we might undertake to enable two or three such scholars who work will contribute to the messianic understanding of the Scriptures.

For full details on the life of Louis and Claire Goldberg, click here or download a PDF version of the Goldberg Memorial Fund Brochure.

To give a gift to the Louis and Claire Goldberg Memorial Fund for Messianic Studies, go to Donate Now.

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